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We will help you find the manufacturing partner that fits into your order requirements; we understand that some wish to have items made in the UK or Far East depending on volume.

We are interested in all manufacturing and supply requirements, regardless of whether the volumes are large or small.

  • Dedicated and Experienced, Global Manufacturing Team.
  • Worldwide agents to help you with your requirements.
  • UK-based representative that will resolve all the problems that you could encounter.
  • We regularly travel to manufacturers to check on projects.
  • Regular communicated updates as your order is manufactured.
  • Unrivalled Personal Customer Service.


Companies realize that outsourcing is a fairly powerful and effective management tool; it’s not just a fad, but part of their business model, which really requires a professional approach.

Setting up and managing those deals and making them work is what we at Aten U.K. will achieve for your company.

When a company approaches outsourcing for the first time, the questions often far outnumber the answers. Several queries from senior executives participating in Executive Discussion Forums on outsourcing provide a snapshot of the choices and challenges facing newcomers to outsourcing:

  • “What timeline can we expect, and what kind of partner do we need?”
  • “Which processes should we outsource, and which should we keep?”
  • “How do you structure the deal to allow for changes in the business environment over the course of the arrangement?”
  • “Can you outsource a business function whose processes are broken, or do you need to fix it first and then outsource?”
  • “We have projects going all the time; how do you juggle all those projects and introduce outsourcing without the disruption?”

How does a company answer all these questions and get the most from an outsourcing arrangement without going through a painful process of trial and error?

One good way is to ask a company like ATEN UK to help and advice on outsourcing. We have already developed and refined techniques for high-performance outsourcing in the UK and Far East in a global cross-industry.

Our experienced outsourcing team is sophisticated in their approach to managing outsourcing arrangements for maximum business results.

As a consequence, our customers experienced a better, broader business benefits from outsourcing and are highly satisfied with the results.

While some may contend that outsourcing starts with a bang and ends with a whimper, these experienced practitioners demonstrate that when outsourcing is done well, benefits and satisfaction actually increase rather than fade over time.

Companies have a variety of requirements for their outsourcing partners, including process expertise, industry knowledge and many other factors, in addition to attractive pricing.

We have experience in transportation services, retail, consumer goods and industrial equipment, and health industries.

Discussions at Accenture Executive Discussion Forums in Frankfurt and Chicago revealed that many look for continuous cost reduction, which implies continuous process improvement. As one Experienced outsourcer at a global consumer goods manufacturer expressed it,

“When I tell my superiors that our benchmarks showed that we are in the top 20 percent in our industry, they just tell me, ‘Good job, now take your benchmarks and go back to your desk and do better next year.’”

Outsourcing as a strategic business tool has been around for well over a decade, long enough for a certain folklore to grow up alongside the facts. Every experienced executive has heard an anecdote about outsourcing deals going badly. Virtually everyone, as a result, can agree that building high-performance outsourcing arrangements calls for an unusually sophisticated blend of skills. This is what we at Aten UK bring to you for your requirements year after year.

Logistics & Resources:

We can handle your order from export to delivery at any location anywhere in the world!

We have complete control over our deliveries at every stage, from the factory direct to your door.

We select the most suitable transportation method and appropriate carrier as well guaranteeing a competitive solution and the speed you require it.

We will help you find the manufacturing partner that fits into your order requirements; we understand that some wish to have items made in the UK or Far East depending on volume.


“It is not our fault – it’s a problem with the manufacturer”
Typical Problems You May Face
“I am sorry but your order was delayed by a component shortage”
Typical Problems You May Face
“We don’t have a representative out in the Far East at the moment”
Typical Problems You May Face
“I have placed this order in China and still not received the Items”
Typical Problems You May Face

The above comments are all too common in the manufacturing and component sourcing industry. This leads to unnecessary inconvenience for you and your customers!

Recent Projects

ewan the sheep

ewan the dream sheep

and Russel the Dog.

Aten UK is proud to manufacture the popular products ewan the dream sheep and Russel the Dog.

Both products are delivered all around the world. This is a popular children’s product that emits low frequency soothing sounds as well as a delicate glow to help babies and toddlers sleep.


CCTV Product

Host of Safety Features

Aten UK have recently been involved an in Car CCTV product to help users save insurance costs, and provide a host of safety features including panic button and 3G connectivity.

Mobile Phone For Taxi

Specialist Mobile Phone

Technology for Taxis
Aten UK produce this specialist mobile phone technology for taxis. The device is made to very high standards. We have over 20 years experience in this industry.

Please contact us for any information.

Electronic Design: From Concept to Production.

We can take any concept to production.

Tech/Elec gurus are our reliable design partner in the UK. We have worked on many successful projects with them over a number of years.

GBE Electronics

We have both UK and Far East manufacturing experience.


We are interested in all manufacturing and supply requirements, regardless of whether the volumes are large or small.